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Prissy Pants for Girl Dogs

I am unable to make prissy pants at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Prissy Pants

FREE SHIPPING in the continental US

I originally designed Prissy Pants™ for my senior Pomeranian princess, Pebbles. Pebbles became incontinent due to a brain tumor and needed to wear panties full time. I have also found the panties beneficial in housetraining our rescued foster girls. Prissy Pants™ are also the perfect diaper choice for girls in season. The fabric used in Prissy Pants™ is 100% cotton with lining which keep my girls cool and dry. Poise Pads or other ladies incontinent pads can be used inside Prissy Pants™ for absorption. Simply cut the pad in half and place inside the panty. The panties are machine washable and can be dried quickly in your dryer. Be sure and close the velcro before laundering. I recommend buying 2 panties so one can be worn while the second is being laundered.

Original Style
Original Style
Yorkie Style
Yorkie Style
I carry 2 styles of Prissy Pants™. The original style has the velcro tabs on the side of the furbaby and the velcro tabs fasten downward which allows a smoother look to the panty. On the second style; which I call the Yorkie style, the velcro tabs fasten upward which is easier to get off and on the furbaby. This style may work better for long haired breeds.

Each panty is custom made per order. To determine which size your female dog needs, measure her waist just in front of her rear legs (see pink line on photo below). Because each panty is custom made, I will also need a second measurement from her waist line down her back to the base of her tail, where the tail joins into the back (see blue line on photo below). Be sure and measure your little girl while she is standing.


Pricing, including first class shipping within the US is below:
  • $25 for Extra Small panties - waist sizes 7 inches to 11 inches

  • $27 for Small panties - waist sizes 11.5 inches to 15.5 inches

  • $29 for Medium panties - waist sizes 16 inches to 22 inches

  • $31 for Large panties - waist sizes 22.5 inches to 27 inches

  • $33 for Extra Large panties - waist sizes 27.5 inches to 37 inches


    All prissy pants are shipped FREE via USPS first class shipping within the continental US from Jacksonville, Florida. I HIGHLY recommend adding USPS Priority with delivery confirmation. The cost is $6. To order, click on the USPS Priority Shipping Paypal button below. If shipping to Canada or UK, postage will be $6, so please click on the Internation Shipping Paypal button below.
    To order, I am happy to accept your payment through paypal by using the links below and your order will be processed within 4 days. If you prefer to pay by other methods, please email Prissy Pants for payment instructions.

    Prissy pants are made in a non-smoking and non-feline home. All Sales Are Final. No Returns or Exchanges on custom orders due to sanitary reasons & health issues of our prissy pants customers.

    Privacy Policy: I will not sell, rent, lease, barter or give away your personal information to anyone.

    Brady modeling prissy pants

    Current Fabric Choices
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    Muted Pink HeartsMuted Blue HeartsGreen HeartsBlue Hearts #2Pink RibbonPink Ribbon & Daisies
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    Pink FlowersOrange Flowers on PeachPink TulipsCitrusLimesPink Watermelon
    StrawberriesCherries on Greenpatriotic butterfliessnow leopardYellow Animal PrintGreen Animal Print
    Orange Animal PrintPurple Animal PrintPink Animal PrintSkulls on Pink Camo

    Select Waist Size, Tail Hole Measurement, Fabric Choice & Style Below

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    Tail Hole Measurement
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    Small Waist Measurement
    Tail Hole Measurement
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    Medium Waist Measurement
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    Large Waist Measurement
    Tail Hole Measurement
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    Extra Large Waist Measurement
    Tail Hole Measurement
    Fabric Selection
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    If you would like your Prissy Pants Shipped by USPS Priority Mail, please pay below

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