Peacock 1 basin

This video features Water Hole and the Dark Water Tunnel at Peacock Springs, in Luraville, FL. The video is 1 hr 16 minutes total. The video begins with the walk from the parking area down to Peacock 1 and a gator in the basin. We began the dive at Water Hole and swam upstream to the Peanut Line. We then jumped to the Peanut line and swam upstream to jump onto the Crossover Tunnel. We then jumped to Dark Water Tunnel and exited onto the Main Line. At the main line, we swam upstream to the Crossover Tunnel, jumped there and pulled our reel from the Dark Water Tunnel and exited to the Peanut line and out to Peacock 1 spring.
However, in the video we divided the dive into 2 sections to make the viewing less confusing. The first section of the video shows us entering Water Hole and upon jumping to the Peanut line we then show the exit out the Peanut line to Peacock 1 basin.
The second part of the video begins with the jump from Crossover to Dark Water Tunnel followed with the jump to the Main line. We then went upstream on the main line towards Olsen. This includes the keyhole and the window on the main line before jumping back to the Crossover where we pick up our reel from Dark Water Tunnel. The dive continues on thru jumping back onto the Peanut line and ends at the jump for Water Hole.
Water Hole & Dark Water Tunnel Map

Water Hole surface

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