This digital video features cenote Vaca Ha in Tulum, Mexico. The video is 62 minutes total. Vaca Ha was originally a well. Many cavers remember Vaca Ha with a concrete wall and a 3 foot diameter opening. Don Camillo tore the concrete down and tried to open up the surface to a cenote setting. The cavern area contained a bull skull and jaw bone with teeth. We did the jump to the left of the main line about 400ft penetration. We came to a T and taking the left T we went about 100ft before the passage became sidemount. We returned to the T and took the right T which led back to the main line where there was a beautiful halocline. At this point of the main line, it looked like a hallway with mirrored floors due to the halocline. The saltwater layer below had white and light colored walls and the fresh water layer above the halocline had tannic stained walls. The main line ends in a T and the right T was only about 50 ft penetration ending in a small room, so we did not include this in the video. Returning to the T we took the left T and in 30 ft we came to the second T. On previous dives we have done the right T and it ends in about 50 feet in a small tight room. So we took the left T and walled it out. The maximum depth for our dive was 79 feet and water temperature was 76 degrees. .

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