This digital video features Cenote Esqueleto also known as Temple of Doom and is 65 minutes total. Temple of Doom is located off of Coba Road outside of Tulum. There is approximately a 300 yard trek through the jungle from the road, which part of this trek is included at the beginning of the video. The cavern area is about 20 feet below ground level so the easiest entry to the cenote is to jump. There is a ladder for exiting. We did a circuit by entering the Madonna passage and going through the Hall of Giants and jumped left at The Fang to the Old Florida Section. We turned the dive where the downstream passage goes through a tannic section. We exited through the Canyons. Our maximum depth for the dive was 59 feet. This dive is indicated in green on the map.Temple of Doom Map
The photos below are digital still shots of Temple of Doom passage.

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