This video features Sweet Surprise and the Henkel Bypass at Ginnie Springs, also known as the Devil's System, which is located outside of High Springs, FL. The video is 71 minutes total. Sweet Surprise is a jump off of the main line between 2100 and 2200 feet penetration. The Henkel Bypass is a jump off of the main line around 3100 feet penetration and just before the Henkel Restriction at 3130 feet.
The dive begins with Kelly Jessop laying the jump reel to Sweet Surprise. Kelly leads the dive to 3100 feet penetration, where the passage ends. The exiting dive back to the main line is lead by Rick Crawford. This ends the 40 minute portion of Sweet Surprise.
The Henkel Bypass features Rick Crawford leading the dive beginning at the jump just before the Henkel Restriction. Once the Bypass ends at the Berman Room, the dive continues upstream main line to approximately 3600 feet penetration where the dive was turned. The exiting dive follows main line downstream through the Henkel Restriction and ends at the Henkel Bypass jump, approximately 30 feet downstream of the Henkel Restriction.
Sweet surprise and Henkel Bypass Map
The photos below are digital still shots taken on the Henkel Bypass and on the main line past the Berman Room at 3500 feet penetration. Rick Crawford is the lead diver in the photos below.

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