Peacock 3 Syphon and Lower Orange Grove are both located at Peacock Springs in Luraville, FL. This digital video features the Peacock 3 Syphon with the main line up to the Hendley's Castle jump plus the Spring Tunnel. The video also includes the Lower Orange Grove Circuit. The video is 60 minutes total. We began the dive at Peacock 3 and swam to Hendley's Castle. We did a seperate dive of the Spring Tunnel jump, so that the Peacock 3 video was done on 2 dives. The Lower Orange Grove was done on one dive. Lower Orange Grove is small and silty. The maximum depth was 150 ft and the final leg of the circuit was left out of the video due to visibility being trashed from a falling boulder beside the dive team earlier in the dive, but located where the line rejoins at the T. Unfortunately that action shot happened behind the videographer.

Peacock 3 Map

Lower Orange Grove Map

The collage below are digital still shots of Peacock 3 main line and the exit of Lower Orange Grove cavern.

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