This video features the Olsen By Pass tunnel, The Crypt and the Peanut Tunnel at Peacock Springs, in Luraville, FL. The video is 1 hr 6 minutes total. We began the dive at Olsen Sink and swam downstream to the Crossover Tunnel and then jumped onto the Olsen By Pass. After completing the Olsen By Pass we jumped back onto the Olsen Upstream main line and swam downstream to the Upstream Cisteen jump. We jumped there and swam to the Crypt jump which is a syphon and swam to the Crypt. The next dive begins at the Peanut restriction where Upstream Olsen main line jumps to the Peanut tunnel. We then swam downstream to the Peacock 1 cavern. This gives you a continuous video of the Peanut tunnel. Jumps are marked throughout the video for reference. Olsen By Pass, the Crypt & Peanut Tunnel Map
The photos below are digital still shots of (top to bottom) Olsen By Pass tunnel, passage to The Crypt and the Peanut tunnel tube.

Copyrightę 2004 - 2007 J. Boyd.
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