NoHoch surface

This digital video features NoHoch Nah Chich in Tulum, Mexico. The video is 2 hrs 10 minutes. After a 40 minute hike through the jungle over a rough and rocky path, we arrived at the cenote that was 35ft below ground level. The cavern area extends back under the rock giving a nice exiting view from the dives. Our tanks were hauled in by donkeys the day before our dive and our gear was carried in the same way while we walked to Nohoch.
Our first dive was up the main line about 2300ft penetration. On the main line just after 2000 ft penetration, you will see a styrofoam cup attached to the main line with 100ft written on it. One hundred feet later, you will see the 200 ft marked styrofoam cup and then 100ft later the 300ft styrofoam cup. At this cup, we jumped to the left and swam about 100 ft to an opening to the surface that Connie calls "Dinner Hole". It is just large enough for 4-5 divers to have a chat. (1st photo below).
On our exit, we stopped at the cenote the the left of the main line near the exit. This cenote has a platform with a ladder going up to the small hole in the ceiling of the cavern. This was used as a film changing area for the early exploration dives. (2nd photo below)
Our second dive, we took the first jump to the left which is the Parker Turner line and then took the next jump to the left. We then returned to go upstream Parker's line. We were limited on our 2nd dive since we used one set of tanks for both dives. The maximum depth for both dives was 20 feet.
For the Nohoch video, we switched the dives and our 2nd dive is seen first in the video. The reason is that it was our favorite dive at Nohoch.

60 second video clip 8MB

Dinner Hole at 2300ft penetration

Exploration platform at cenote off of main line

Jump off of Parker Turner line

Main line

Main line

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