This video features the main line and Godzilla Circuit of Madison Blue, which is located on the Withlacoochee River outside of Madison, FL. The video is 1 hour and 50 minutes total. Our lead diver, Rick Crawford enters the main entrance and continues up the main line, through Half Hitch and turns the dive at the Drop Off around 1500 feet penetration. The video follows the exit dive back out the main line and exits the cavern from the main exit. On the second dive, Rick leads into the rabbit hole from the basin and starts up the main line. He jumps at the Godzilla Circuit jump and and completes the Godzilla Circuit. Upon returning to the Banana Room, he jumps onto the Banana Room line and continues to the Century Tunnel. They return to the main line via the Century Tunnel line. Rick exits the rabbit hole.
The photos below are digital still shots taken during the dive of the main line and Godzilla Circuit. Rick Crawford is the featured diver for this video and led 2 perfect dives.

madison basin

madison cavern

half hitch on main line

well before Godzilla room

exiting the rabbit hole

deco in basin

main line 1

main line 2

main line 3

main line 4

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