This video features the Double Lines Circuit and Sherwood Split at Ginnie Springs, also known as the Devil's System, which is located outside of High Springs, FL. The video is 55 minutes total. The divers begin the dive jumping from the Hill 400 passage to Double Lines. From Double Lines, they jumped to Sherwood Split and penetrated to about 2000 ft. before turning the dive. Upon returning to Double Lines, the Double Lines circuit was completed, ending at Hill 400. The video continues exiting Hill 400 until reaching the Syphon Tunnel jump, with Kelly Jessop pulling the reel from the entrance of Double Lines.
We did not include entering the cave system up to the jump from Hill 400, nor did we include the exit from the Syphon Tunnel jump on Hill 400.
Double Lines Map

The photos below are digital still shots taken during the Double Lines Circuit & Sherwood Split. Kelly Jessop led the penetration dive of Double Lines Circuit, & Sherwood Split, while Jim Womble led the exiting dive.

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