This digital video features the traverse from Calimba cenote downstream to the Grand Cenote of Sak Aktun in Tulum, Mexico. The video is 73 minutes total. We entered the Sak Aktun system at the cenote Calimba, which is inside a dry cave just off of Coba Rd. The ceiling is low and is not as simple as jumping into a cenote. This can be a challenging entry for someone who is 6 ft tall or more. One has to be very careful entering the water and not trashing the entrance pool for the team. This traverse had tons of delicate white formations that looked like they came off of a wedding cake. The path winds around quite a bit and you have to go slowly. Please do NOT dive this cave if you are not excellent with your bouyancy. There were several small restrictions and we recommend that your team not be more than 4 divers. There are many interesting.. ok.. alluring jumps that were screaming "Dive me". We traversed to Grande Cenote via the Paso de Lagarto passage and jumped onto the exiting jump line to the Grande Cenote, that we had layed earlier on our morning dive to the Cuzan Nah passage in the Sak Aktun system. The traverse was over 3000 feet and the maximum depth was 41 feet. The water temperature was 77 degrees. Exiting at Grande Cenote is a beautiful sight. This is one of our favorite dives.
The photos below are digital still shots of the Calimba traverse.

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