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K9 Belly Bands for Boy Dogs

Medium Belly Band


30% of the net proceeds of the belly band sales
will be donated to a rescue group of YOUR choice.

  • First Class Shipping within the continental US included in the price

  • Immediate Shipping

  • 30% of net proceeds of the sales will be donated to a rescue group of YOUR choice

  • Over 150 fabric selections

  • Machine washable & dryer friendly

  • One belly band size will fit 4 different waist sizes

  • Quality material and fiberfill for maximum liquid absorption

  • Wider velcro for extra hold and more waist size adjustment

  • Your personal info is never shared or sold

  • belly band with pad

    K9 Belly Bands are for male dogs who are "marking your home", incontinent or need help with housetraining. I have made and donated belly bands to rescue groups since 2001. Dog rescue is my mission in life. I have volunteered with several rescue groups, fostered dogs, designed and maintained rescue websites. Making belly bands is the one thing that I can do to help as many rescues as possible, as well as help individuals who may have to surrender their dog due to potty accidents in the home. I am willing to go above and beyond to help my customers and their precious dogs. For this reason, I believe my customers need their belly bands yesterday, so I ship your order immediately.

    Belly Band orders are by WAIST size only, NOT the total length of a belly band. So if you are ordering a belly band size based on the length of another belly band, this will not work. Measure your male around his waist on top of his sheath. Allow the measuring tape to just touch him around his waist. Do not pull the measuring tape too snugly or this will not give you the allowance needed to have the pad inside the belly band. Select the sizes below based on your measurement. The extra belly band velcro will allow the belly band to fit a range of sizes which is wonderful for rescue groups or homes with mulitple dogs.
    If you have a Basset, Dachshund or Pug boy, you may need a wider belly band. Please measure along the side of his body, from the front of his back legs to the front of his tinkler. Many times you will see that it is about 5 inches to 5.5 inches. If so, you will need a custom width on your belly band. Once you place your order below; please email me at Custom Width on Belly Band Order to request the custom width. There is NO additional cost for the custom width as I do not think it is fair to penalize customers because of their chosen breed.

    Our belly bands come in the following sizes:
  • $10 - Extra Small which fits 8 inch - 11 inch waist (3 inches wide)

  • $12 - Small which fits 12 inch - 14 inch waist (3.5 inches wide)

  • $14 - Medium which fits 15 inch - 17 inch waist (4 inches wide)

  • $16 - Large which fits 18 inch - 20 inch waist (4 inches wide)

  • $18 - Extra Large which fits 21 inch - 23 inch waist (4 inches wide)

  • $20 - Double Extra Large which fits 24 inch - 27 inch waist (5 inches wide & double velcro)

  • $22 - Triple Extra Large which fits 28 inch - 31 inch waist (5.5 inches wide & double velcro)

  • Belly bands for a 31.5 inch and larger waist can be custom made. Please email Belly Band Question for payment instructions on 31.5 inch waist belly bands and larger.

    All belly bands are shipped FREE via USPS first class shipping within the continental US from Jacksonville, Florida. I HIGHLY recommend adding USPS Priority with delivery confirmation. The cost is $6. To order, click on the USPS Priority Shipping Paypal button below. If shipping to Canada or UK, postage will be $6, so please click on the Internation Shipping Paypal button below.
    To order, I am happy to accept your payment through paypal by using the links below and your order will be processed IMMEDIATELY. If you prefer to pay by other methods, please email Belly Bands for payment instructions.

    Belly Band

    30% of the net proceeds of the belly band sales will be donated to a rescue group of YOUR choice. Please select your favorite rescue group below when purchasing belly bands.

    Privacy Policy: I will not sell, rent, lease, barter or give away your personal information to anyone.

    Belly bands are made in a non-smoking and non-feline home. All Sales Are Final. No returns or exchanges due to sanitary reasons and donations to the rescue groups.

    Select Belly Band Size, Fabric Choice &
    Rescue Group to Receive a Donation
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    Holiday Fabrics Now Available at Belly Bands Holiday Fabrics for Boy Dogs.

    For dogs wearing Medium, Large and X Large belly bands, I recommend using half of a Poise Extra Plus incontinent pad (54 count bag), for maximum absorption protection.
    Poise Pad 54 count bagPoise Pad 60 count bag

    For dogs wearing X Small or Small belly bands, I recommend using the Poise pads in the 60 count bag.

    For dogs wearing Double X Large or Triple X Large belly bands, I recommend using Poise Pads Ultimate Long Pads in the 27 count bag. Some customers prefer using the men's incontinent pads (Depends Guards for Men) inside the belly band. Another choice for larger dogs is premie baby diapers.

    I do NOT use or recommend the "waterproof liners" inside of belly bands because it traps the urine inside the band up against the dog's skin and sheath. This can burn the skin and stain the dog's hair. The waterproof barrier will also hold heat in and become uncomfortable for your little boy. The ladies incontinent pads will pull the urine away from the dog's skin and has a urine odor absorber to keep your baby from smelling like urine.

    Belly Bands are machine washable. Be sure and stretch the wet belly band, close the velcro before you toss the belly band into the dryer.

    I recommend ordering two belly bands so that while one belly band is being laundered, the second belly band can be worn.

    If you have more than one male furbaby and are not sure which boy is your "marker," I suggest putting one belly band on each male and frequently check the pad for urine. This can also give you peace of mind that your male furbaby is not urinating in the house while unsupervised.

    If you have dog hair stuck in the velcro of your belly bands, use a flea comb to pull the hair out of the velcro.

    If you have a female who has an open wound or surgery, such as mammory tumors or spay, wrap a belly band around her body to prevent her from licking her stitches or opening the wound. I have also seen belly bands wrapped around larger dogs necks to keep wounds protected.

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